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Application Process

We welcome applications from post 16 boys looking for their next step from year 11 onwards.

Our application process typically begins in May, with a view to commence in September. However, we may still be able to assist you outside of this time frame.


We are looking for aspiring young footballers between the ages of 16+ who have an academic aspiration to further their football and sports education. We offer a range of pathways including university and teacher training for sports/PE in schools. When you apply to join our academy we follow this process:

  1.  We will contact you for further information and to arrange a trial date.

  2. If you are successful at the trial, you will then be invited to come in for an interview (or online if more convenient).

  3. You will then receive feedback on your trial and interview.

  4. Confirmation will then be provided within 15 working days.

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