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Learn more about the post16 BTEC academy scholarship education at our club, our education partners, the resources we provide and, our alumni.

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With over 13 years experience in delivering football and education, allows Tooting and Mitcham to provide one of the most innovative and progressive programmes available. The programme has evolved with the changes in education and we believe in a holistic approach to learning. We also strive to allow each scholar to discover their own way of learning, by listening to the problems they are experiencing with the curriculum and adapting the delivery accordingly.

Programme Overview

We deliver our education programme both formally and informally, which can open the perspectives of our scholars to seek and discover additional careers or vocations that go beyond playing. With less than 10% of young professional players becoming professional footballers, we also challenge our scholars to seek a fulfilling career path outside of being a football player.

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Application Process

Starting at the beginning of year 10, candidates can attend academy training sessions, half term camps and showcase events. This will ensure a smooth transition into our academy programme whilst making sure this is appropriate for the student, coach and parent. 

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At the Academy, our entire BTEC programme is delivered on site at Tooting & Mitcham FC.

Our spacious classrooms allow us to teach in a unique environment that supports learners to achieve their educational goals. The resources we provide enable learners to have access to everything they need.

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Virtual Learning UK (VLUK)

VLUK Tooting and Mitcham FC Campus is now in its 13th year and has seen over 700 learners graduate in that time. Learners have graduated to football professionally and semi-professionally, with clubs such as Middlesbrough, Charlton and Reading. Approximately 20 players have progressed to our own first team and more into our U23s squad.

Sutton & District

At Tooting & Mitcham Academy Scholarship, our goal is to ensure we offer a well rounded educational programme which supports our scholars with the option for vocational topics such as construction. We work with Sutton & District to nurture and develop the individual to become confident and in a position, to fulfil their hopes and dreams via an alternative pathway.

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Merton School Sports

Merton School Sports Partnerships is a collaboration/partnership that will look to train and develop the next generation of PE and sports practitioners in the borough of Merton, taking a group of our BTEC sports students as part of the qualification into school environments as well as delivering on the theory in class.

Where Are They Now?

The Tooting & Mitcham Academy is designed to support those that have been part of the Academy in the past. Our Alumni are offered opportunities for career progression and continuing education, such as specialised coaching courses and university scholarships. Our Alumni also have access to our U21s team, the first team and professional football, giving them a great opportunity to develop their career.

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